Once Again, Alberta Justice Withholds the Legal Authorities Paper that would shed some light on why RCMP kicked in hundreds and hundreds of doors, causing $2.45 million in damages to 2,210 High River homes. What is more important, protecting the ‘privileged information’ of bureaucrats or rebuilding trust in the RCMP? Alberta Justice and Solicitor General FOIP Response dated February 14, 2019 – Received February 18, 2019 by Dennis R. Young


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Clive Edwards
Clive Edwards
5 years ago

Perhaps when the United Conservative Party wins the next Alberta election all will be made transparent regarding the events at High River.

Carl Orde
Carl Orde
5 years ago
Reply to  Dennis R Young

Dennis, if the UCP win the provincial election this spring (hopefully they will) Jason Kenny will be the premier. Whether they will be willing to release the information remains to be seen It might be interesting to see what happens if you send a letter to Jason asking if the UCP are committed to making the information public if they win the election.

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