Letter to Conservative Party Leader Andrew Sheer, November 2, 2018. Waiting for more than a year for response from Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Pierre Paul-Hus.


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Jorge de Freitas
Jorge de Freitas
5 years ago

The government’s ultimate goal is to remove all weapons from citizen’s hands. This specifically applies to Liberals. History repeats itself. Once citizens are disarmed, government does what it wants with them. One reason the American second amendment is so important. If you read the whole second amendment in its right context it states all citizens have the right to bear arms so as to protect themselves “AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT”. Now why would the constitutional fathers say that? Because they knew and understood what a rogue government could do. That same statement is applicable to all governments throughout the world. The… Read more »

5 years ago

It’s apparent the RCMP can not be trusted. I think it’s time Alberta & Saskatchewan look into the possibilities of there own policing such as the OPP in Ontario or Quebecs police force. I also think every province should have there own gun laws. Ralf Goodale is a liberal and we all know there agenda and it’s not good. The RCMP have a CFO (chief firearms officer) goes around and inspects ranges. His assistance who if you gave a handful of bullets couldn’t tell you what caliber or what was a rifle or pistol caliber went out to Saskatoons Silhouette… Read more »

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