Thanks for your interest in and support for my research efforts.  This year we’ll find out if Trudeau and Goodale will keep their promises to base their gun control policies on ‘hard, scientific facts and data.’

  • Liberal Leader Trudeau stated, “The only ideology that must guide us is evidence – Hard, scientific facts and data. It may seem revolutionary in today’s Ottawa, but instead of inventing the facts to justify the policies, we will create policy based on facts. Solutions can come from the left or the right, all that matters is that they work.”
  • Minister Goodale said. “We want to be an evidence-based government making sound decisions on the basis of hard facts.”
  • Liberal Party Real Change: Evidence-based policy: Government should base its policies on facts, not make up facts based on policy. Without evidence, government makes arbitrary decisions that have the potential to negatively affect the daily lives of Canadians. We need reliable economic indicators and data for sound economic policy, and to provide other governments, businesses, and civil society with the tools to enrich our national life. A Liberal government will ensure the federal government rebuilds its capacity to deliver on evidence-based decision-making.
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