National and International Gun Control News for the week ending January 29, 2022

COVER REVEAL: Paul Palango’s Book on Nova Scotia Mass Murders

January 24, 2021

From the morning he first heard about the Nova Scotia murders just down the road from his home, Paul Palango knew the RCMP had screwed up badly.

Billed as “A shocking exposé of the deadliest killing spree in Canadian history, and how police tragically failed its victims and survivors,” Paul Palango’s book on the Nova Scotia mass murder spree will undoubtedly piss off the RCMP.

Available for Pre-Order  on Amazon Canada, Barnes and Noble and Chapters Indigo


NP: The ongoing and unnecessary erosion of Canadian’s civil liberties

Jan 23, 2022

During the pandemic, politicians have repeatedly waved away the very rights of citizenship.

Many aspects of Canada’s pandemic response have been nonsensical and burdensome. As we learn more about Omicron and what works to limit spread and hospitalizations (spoiler alert: it’s still largely vaccines ), we must focus on swiftly restoring the freedoms that have been so easily waved away. The time for pondering whether granting freedom is selfish is over.

Individual liberties are an essential part of what it means to be Canadian and the longer we infringe upon them, the further we move away from what our society stands for.

A good place to start is removing COVID testing requirements for re-entering the country, without also offering a quarantine option once back in. As it stands, returning travellers must present a negative molecular test result taken within 72 hours of boarding a plane or driving across the border.


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