Firearm News for Week Ending October 2, 2021

Stray bullets and firearms: Resident concerns spark bylaw discussions, committee in Amaranth

September 30, 2021

Reports of stray bullets, allegedly coming from a single property, have left Amaranth with a difficult decision to make.

At its Aug. 11 meeting, council received a letter regarding bullets discovered at two homes in the area of 2nd Line. These bullets went through a window, a garage door, and a porch.

Following a discussion at the meeting, staff were directed by council to draft a bylaw prohibiting the discharge of firearms, and to send a letter to residents of the area advising them of the situation and council’s considerations.

After some further discussion surrounding the matter and concerns about the property discharging the firearms, council voted to move forward with a committee to seek a resolution to the discharge of firearms concerns within the township. Councillors Heather Foster and Niedzwiecki were appointed to the committee.


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