This week’s edition covers the past two weeks as paid work and other commitments kept me from publishing the newsletter last week.

New ATIP Responses

I’ve received ATIP responses from most major municipal police agencies and have started writing the report on how they track firearms. It won’t come as a huge surprise to learn most agencies don’t even define ‘crime gun’ or track seized and surrendered firearms in any meaningful way.

I hope to have that report ready in the next two weeks, along with all the supporting ATIP responses themselves.



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Richard FRITZE
2 years ago

Christopher: I commend you on the excellent job you are doing with the Dennis Young site. Thank you very much ands keep up the good work! Re: Vaccine Passports: Canadians show strong support for use in international travel, fewer willing to comply at home https://angusreid.org/covid As discussions of “vaccine passports” certification that an individual has been vaccinated against COVID19 circulate in public policy circles, new data from the nonprofit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians largely accepting of the concept in various forms. Sickening. Canadians have clearly lost any taste for liberty, freedom or their God given rights. I could not… Read more »

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