National and International Gun Control News for the week ending June 5, 2021

Website Tech Update

  • Moved entire site to a new and faster web host
  • Removed deprecated PDF display plugin and replaced it with a new PDF display plugin
  • updated PDF display codes on all 900+ pages where the old plugin codes no longer worked


New Social Media Accounts for

Before Dennis passed away he asked his tech support person to give me access to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. After Dennis passed on I contacted his former tech support person repeatedly about access to these accounts.

Despite repeated assurances he would send the credentials and repeated claims he did send the credentials I still don’t have control of Dennis’ current Twitter account and Facebook page.

As it’s now been 7 months, I’ve given up attempting to gain access to these legacy social media accounts and have created new ones.

Please follow Dennis R. Young on these new social media accounts:


Facebook Live June 12th

At 2pm PST on June 12, 2020,¬† I will be live on Facebook to discuss these technical changes, the many ATIP requests Dennis filed that are still outstanding, as well as the preliminary results of some of the ATIPs I’ve filed recently.

If you have any questions, please email them to me at and I’ll address them on that Facebook Live.


This Week’s Firearm News

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Jack Burley
Jack Burley
2 years ago

As always you do a very good job. Keep up the great work. Dennis sure picked the right person to entrust his site and work with. I miss him very much; he always had time for everyone. He was relentless; in his search for the truth and justice. Again you are doing him justice.

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