National and International Gun Control News for the week ending May 15, 2021

RCMP denies it has secret copy of long-gun registry

May 14, 2021

The RCMP denies claims that its firearm program has a secret copy of the long-gun registry for non-restricted rifles and shotguns, which the Harper government ordered destroyed a decade ago.

“The document here, from the chief firearms office in Orillia, Ontario, with the RCMP logo on it, suggests to me that the database was not destroyed,” MP Blaine Calkins told iPolitics. “Or the records were not destroyed or deleted; if they were, it was only temporary, and it has been reinstated secretly against the will of Parliament.”


[ED. Note: Shocking. RCMP denies lying to Canadians and Parliament despite proof with their name on it.]


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3 years ago

I guess they think they have Parliamentary Privilege’s, like their Lying Liberal buddies. In case you dont know what Parliamentary Privilege's are. It gives the Lying Liberals the right to lie as much as they want and no one can hold them accountable. Google it? We have to get rid of that. Think about who is running our country? The Liberals gave the RCMP the right to add more firearms to their prohibited list at their desecration. With their OIC. I dont remember voting for the RCMP? do any of you? That was the first, now they have blatantly denied… Read more »

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