National and International Gun Control News for the week ending May 8, 2021

Evidence shows Mounties kept a copy of the gun registry

May 02, 2021

When criminal defence lawyer Ed Burlew was sifting through the documents sent over by a Crown prosecutor regarding his client, one jumped out. It was proof that the RCMP had kept a copy of the gun registry despite Parliament ordering it destroyed in 2012.

MP Bob Benzen in Committee

May 4, 2021

Mr. Speaker, media revelations that the RCMP kept information from the Liberals’ long-gun registry that Parliament ordered destroyed is blowing new holes in Canadians’ already shaky trust in government.

Now we know why the RCMP targeted certain homes for firearms collections during the High River flooding in Alberta. It is because it had a copy of the registry information. It was not supposed to have it, but it knew exactly where to look.

It is disgraceful that the government and its national institutions cannot be trusted to honour the same rules it, in turn, expects all citizens to follow.

What a betrayal this is of Canadians’ assumptions of equality under the law.

In light of these reports, the Prime Minister and his Minister of Public Safety need to ensure that the RCMP destroys its secret list and comes clean on just what other private information it has compiled that the law does not permit it to have.

Ian Runkle Interviews Ed Burlew About RCMP Secret Gun Registry

May 4, 2021

Bombshell News: RCMP Defied Order To Destroy Long Gun Registry – 1-hour Interview With Ed Burlew



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George Townsend
George Townsend
2 years ago

As the prime minister said in
May 2020 ” the military & police cannot protect Canadians”
Well then who can? The 1st rule of law is protect yourself & your loved ones.

Don H.
Don H.
2 years ago

Welcome to the tyranny of a government no different than the Communists in Poland or Czechoslovakia or China. The appearance of good behind which hides the epitome of evil. Think I’m exaggerating? Watch the Calgary Police arrest a Pastor on a freeway because he showed them up. Revenge. Pure and simple. And we have a federal government that does exactly the same thing. Communism is in our midst and the citizens of this country don’t seem to mind. My father in law did not spend 3 1/2 years in a prison camp in Nazi Germany for this.

Mike M
Mike M
2 years ago

This is more proof that the gov’t and it’s thugs are treating us like stupid peasants.

John Dunbar
John Dunbar
2 years ago

There was never any doubt in my mind that there were copies of the registry kept. The writers of BillC-68 would not allow that work and waste of money to be destroyed. It doesn’t fit their agenda.

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