Almost all were barred from purchasing a gun from a gun store because of their prior criminal record

EXCERPT: The study, funded by an award from the National Institute of Justice, looked at the final sale or transfer of firearms to individuals who then used them to commit crimes. It relied on data from the Chicago Inmate Survey (CIS), which interviewed 221 people convicted of gun crimes serving time at seven Illinois state prisons. By Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon – June 26, 2019


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Cal McDonald
Cal McDonald
4 years ago

What all this means in a nutshell is what we already knew…the authorities have absolutely no clue what bad guys are doing with their firearms after they’re purchased and before they’re caught.

The simple fact is the land borders and ports of this country are more porous than a sieve and not only are individual firearms slipping through but I’d be willing to gamble that veritable container loads are making it onto our streets in the hands of the criminal element.

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