CTV – NO ‘MAGIC LEVER’ TO SOLVE GUN CRIME: EXPERT – How to get handguns off the streets promises to be a divisive issue in the upcoming election year. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government plans to limit access to handguns and assault weapons and has not ruled out an all-out ban. But independent firearms researcher Dennis Young says no statistics bear out the idea that lawful gun owners or their guns are the reason for increased shootings or guns on the streets. In fact, Young says he has yet to find anyone who tracks how many gun crimes are committed by licensed gun owners or how many handguns have been stolen from licensed owners. “If politicians want a handgun ban, they have to fabricate the stats to justify that,” Young told in a telephone interview from his home in Airdrie, Alta. According to Statistics Canada, violent crime accounted for 20 per cent of all police-reported crime in Canada in 2016. And of all violent crimes, just 3 per cent involved a firearm. By Meredith MacLeod,  – Published Friday, December 21, 2018


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