PETITION TO PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: SHOULDN’T POLICE KNOW WHERE THESE BAD GUYS WITH GUNS LIVE? We residents of Canada call on the Government to pass a motion making it mandatory for judges when imposing a firearms prohibition order, as part of a criminal sentence, a protection order or restraining order, also make it mandatory for these persons to report any change of address to police and this information be made available to police in a database on CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre). By Dennis R. Young – November 9, 2018




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5 years ago

It’s not the fault of the police in general, they know who the bad guys are. The vast majority of liberals tie the hands of police and appoint jurists who hate the rule of law as it pertains to those with no regard to innocent human life. As within all despotic governments, they seek to disarm the law abiding further facilitating the decay and cry from the unknowing for more failed government. Let us all pray for Canada and whatever is left of the free world.

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