‘LEGAL AUTHORITIES PAPER’ USED IN HIGH RIVER FORCED ENTRIES? FOUR YEARS OF RCMP STONEWALLING – August 19, 2014 Crown Counsel paper requested . May 13, 2015 Request denied. April 12, 2017 Request denied. October 18, 2018 Request denied. By Dennis R. Young – October 19, 2018

EXCERPT: “We use as little force as is necessary to gain entry and once the residences are checked, we secure them again when we leave.” June 25, 2013 e-mail from RCMP Asst. Commissioner Marianne Ryan to Alberta Deputy Solicitor General Bill Sweeney – PDF Page 193 https://dennisryoung.ca/2018/04/13/rcmp-door-kicking-spree-high-river-cost-taxpayers-2-45-million/