RE: ALBERTA JUSTICE WITHHOLDING OF HIGH RIVER ‘LEGAL AUTHORITIES PAPER’ – Letter from Jill Clayton Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner dated April 19, 2018. SUMMARY OF ISSUES/CONCERNS FOR INQUIRY: “The record Alberta Justice says they can’t find in response to FOIP File: 2015-G-0268 was withheld from me in response to Justice FOIP File: 2017-G-0580.”


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Andrew Shanaida
Andrew Shanaida
6 years ago

Great work Dennis, there are still many of us who still want to get to the bottom of these matters with names and a clear picture of what played out … regardless of what they deem to be protecting the public from.
If High River was an example of ‘protecting the public interests’ – I’m certain that the only thing being protected now are the conspirators and their hidden agenda white papers.

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