CBSA Firearms Seizures by Country and Port of Entry Oct 26 2014 - Oct 26 2020

CBSA ATIP is Courtesy of William Gilliland 

INITIAL REQUEST: Any information regarding the illegal importation/smuggling of any firearms: specifically in relation to the country/area of origin The ideal information gathered would be regarding: – type of firearm with as much general detail as reasonably possible (ie: shotgun/rifle/restricted handgun, restricted rifle/shotgun, prohibited handgun, prohibited firearm, other) – country of origin(s) for the persons’/products’ journey – breakdown of ports of entry with as much detail as reasonably possible I do not want/require any information regarding any individuals, cases or anything classified or heavy security etc. Anything between Jan 1st 2009 until the most recent year/2020 YTD.

ANALYSIS: As one would expect, the majority of smuggled firearms intercepted by CBSA come from the United States for the past 6 years. No data is available prior to 2013 according to CBSA.

On Pages 3 to 14, firearm seizures are listed by Country of Origin in alphabetical order but many countries of origin are redacted under Section 16(1)(c) of the Access to Information Act:

The head of a government institution may refuse to disclose any record requested under this Part that contains activities suspected of constituting threats to the security of Canada within the meaning of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.

During the 6 years covered by this ATIP, CBSA seized:

  • 178 Non-Restricted Firearms
  • 419 Restricted Handguns (semi-automatic pistols and revolvers)
  • 11 Restricted Rifles (semi-automatic carbines and rifles)
  • 783 Prohibited Handguns
  • 17 Prohibited Rifles and Shotguns

ATIP Response Page Breakdown

  • Pages 15-18 break down the seizures by month and type of firearm seized.
  • Pages 19-22 are titled Firearms Quantity Origin Canada.
  • Pages 23-26 are titled Firearms Quantity Origin US Border States.
  • Pages 27-41 are titled Firearms Quantity Origin US Interior States.
  • Pages 42-46 are Quantities by Country¬† of Origin


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