RESPONSE TO MP JOHN BARLOW’S HIGH RIVER QUESTION IN DEFENCE ATIP RESPONSE AT ODDS WITH THE ANSWER THE MINISTER OF DEFENCE TABLED IN PARLIAMENT – Misleading Parliament or Not? It all comes down to whether RCMP request is ‘official’ or ‘informal’ – By Dennis R. Young – October 22, 2017


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Andrew S
Andrew S
6 years ago

Also, just to let you know. An inside source, member of the CAF disclosed that there were arguments among CAF higher ups with RCMP management that requested the military go into high river – ‘full kit’ (meaning armed).

Apparently after much heated debate over CAF staff reminding the RCMP that they were only there in a humanitarian flood relief capacity. Apparently there were quite a few soldiers that were upset over what was being requested of them at the time. Were the RCMP or other agencies influencing this event to become some sort of martial law beta test?

Andrew S
Andrew S
6 years ago

Dennis, have you thought about asking if the data bank for firearms owners PAL (possession acquisition license) was used to target specific homes for searches? I remember seeing a news video where RCMP members were on board a boat that headed in off of what would be the street – noting that they did not travel to the end of the block and begin their search – to about 2/3 the way up the block, dismounted the boat and began a search of that home. I thought it odd at the time of why they choose that specific home….. and… Read more »

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