Repeat Firearm Prohibition Order Offenders for May 22 - 28, 2022

In the past week, 6 repeat offenders arrested for other crimes were also charged with 7 counts of breaching Firearm Prohibition Orders.

Aaron Matthew Poole
May 25, 2022
Aaron Matthew Poole: 2 count(s) of Possession Contrary to Order

Josh Munroe
MAY 25, 2022
Josh Munroe: 1 count(s) of possession of a firearm/ammunition in contravention of a prohibition order

24-Year-Old Man
May 25, 2022
24-Year-Old Man: 1 count(s) of Possession of Firearm contrary to Prohibition Order

Juan Ruiz Durango
May 26, 2022
Juan Ruiz Durango: 1 count(s) of Possession of a weapon contrary to prohibition order

31-Year-Old Female
May 26, 2022
31-Year-Old Female: 1 count(s) of possession of a firearm contrary to a Prohibition Order

39-Year-Old Man
May 27, 2022
39-Year-Old Man: 1 count(s) of possession contrary to a prohibition order


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