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Silvercore Podcast #66: Is Personal Safety Tantamount To Public Safety? Travis Bader and Nicolas Johnson,

Nicolas Johnson and I talk about how firearms owners can work together, portray themselves in the media, start firearms businesses and how to best communicate.

Nicolas’s background as a journalist for Bloomberg and The Globe and Mail have provided him with some really good insight on that which he shares.


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Trudeau calls the unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists

December 29, 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a Quebec television station people who do not get vaccinated against COVID-19 are often racist and misogynistic extremists.

But he said the people of Quebec are not the problem and questioned whether the rest of Canada needs to “tolerate” the unvaccinated.

His comments prompted People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier to call Trudeau a “fascist psychopath.” He also called unvaccinated Canadians science deniers.

“We are going to end this pandemic by proceeding with the vaccination,” said Trudeau.

“We all know people who are deciding whether or not they are willing to get vaccinated, and we will do our very best to try to convince them. However, there is still a part of the population (that) is fiercely against it.

“They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space.

“This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people? Over 80% of the population of Quebec have done their duty by getting the shot. They are obviously not the issue in this situation.”

In Quebec, 84.5% of residents have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination. A total of 14,900,242 jabs have been given out.

Across Canada, 90% of people aged 12 and over have received one dose. A total of 87% have received two jabs.

In Alberta, it’s 90% of the people with one jab and 85% of people with two.

Federal COVID-19 stats show BC has vaccinated 84% of residents with one dose, 79% with two. Saskatchewan has 80% with one dose, 72% with two and Manitoba has 81.4% with one dose, 75% with two.


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