National and International Gun Control News for the week ending August 14, 2021

Churchill vs. Trudeau: Not His Finest Hour

Whereas the Trudeau style involves the stoking of public fears by a leader in order to secure public support for the lhealth-protection policies of his government, “Churchill demonstrated a striking trait: the knack of making people feeling loftier, stronger, and above all more courageous” – fearless, not fearful, in the midst of a crisis.


Measure intended to ensure gun buyers have licence is seriously flawed, group argues

AUGUST 8, 2021

A prominent gun-control group is accusing the federal Liberals of endangering public safety by backpedalling on a pledge to ensure firearm buyers have a valid licence.

In a written submission to the government, PolySeSouvient says proposed regulations to flesh out federal legislation do not go far enough to keep guns out of the wrong hands.



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