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With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Don Pajot: Where hunters should aim in discussing Bill C-21 on gun control

April 15, 2021

So as responsible hunters and firearms owners, we have a duty to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Canadian hunters should raise the bar and aim to support the ban on “assault-style firearms” — which have no legitimacy in our hunting gear.

We should speak out for our time-honoured traditions and legitimate firearms ownership, but also for the greater good and public safety.

Constance Bay resident Don Pajot is a senior Canadian hunter and former firearms and hunter safety training instructor, and a Liaison Officer with the Canadian Forces Ottawa Fish and Game Club.


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Jack Burley
Jack Burley
3 years ago

How much did the Federal Liberal party pay him? Or has he just gone senile in his old age? He sure doesnt know anything about the made up term assault-style firearms, which is modern style firearms. Automatic firearms have been banned in Canada since 1977. I dont believe this man ever taught firearm safety courses. Or he would know all of this.

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