Trudeau said he has been around guns his entire life, “I was raised around guns, raising shooting and have guns up at our country place.”

By Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times – November 1, 2011

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Robert S Sciuk
Robert S Sciuk
2 years ago

Trudeau may have been raised around guns, but as the idiot son, I suspect he was never allowed to handle them …

2 years ago

Trudeau is a lying politician; he’s doing and saying what lying politicians do…whatever is expedient in the moment. He will say and do whatever makes the most impact with his supporters and garners him the most votes. He did it then and he’s doing it now. That is why some people, including some sorely misguided gun owners actually continue to vote for this nincompoop. What Trudeau is doing here on the left is not much different than what Trump is doing on the right in the US…they are both pandering to their base. Trudeau just looks better and gets wider… Read more »

David Vernon
David Vernon
2 years ago

I’ve mentioned these famous quotes over the past few years. They raise questions: a. does/did Trudeau actually have an RPAL/PAL? I’ve heard there’s no confirmation of this. b. apparently there’s no record of a police report concerning the alleged ‘theft’ of the family guns from the ‘summer place’.
As a citizen being discriminated against I demand answers to these questions. If it turns out that he was not licensed and/or did not report the theft, he should be investigated and possibly be charged.

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