EXCERPT: It is standard in Canada if you have been convicted of a violent crime, are a registered sex offender, have ever been designated a dangerous offender, are on probation or parole, are subject to a restraining order or peace bond, have been ordered deported or barred from hunting, you lose your ability to buy or possess guns. That makes sense. But as Young points out, the federal government and the RCMP make no effort to keep track of people who have been banned. One of the hoops for legit owners is they report to police any change of address within 30 days or face up to two years in prison. By Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun – April 18, 2020

TONY BERNARDO COMMENT: “Thank you Mr. Gunter. Another missive of resounding common sense. When a government – under the guise of crime control – places lawful citizens under this type of intrusive scrutiny while giving a free ride to proven criminals, any sensible person must question the true motives of government.” 26 Thumbs Up on April 19th

People, not objects, commit crime. While many groups campaign against legal guns and legal gun ownership, we know firearms are harmless unless a person with evil intent picks it up and uses it to commit an evil act. That’s why we’re pushing the government to strictly monitor over 443,000 people courts deem too dangerous to possess guns, not the 2.2 million people who the RCMP investigated and deemed trustworthy of firearm ownership. CSSA SPECIAL REPORT – DECEMBER 4, 2019

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Pete H
Pete H
3 years ago

We need to push all MPs to raise this issue in Parliament and get Trudeau to monitor dangerous crooks they currently ignore. Where is the PC party on this? They should be hammering this home! During the COVID 19 pandemic, we now have Liberals releasing criminals from jails!

John comber
John comber
3 years ago
Reply to  Pete H

The Conservatives are in complete disarray so I doubt you can look to them for help. Sheer cant control his members and McKay is trying to make double speak a national sport
All concerned gun owners need to contact their local mp especially if they are a Liberal and explain why this is a bad idea.

Jack Burley
Jack Burley
3 years ago
Reply to  John comber

The Conservatives are going to vote for their next leader in a few days. Anyone can join the party for $15, and that will give you a vote. Me and my brother and friends have done so, you can too. There are 4 candidates. I like O’Toole, They have all stated their Firearms policies. This is the only party that stands up for Firearms owners rights in Canada

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