EXCERPT: “The RCMP examined member-involved shootings that resulted in fatalities over a 10 year period (2007 to 2017). ln total, there were 61 fatalities, with 22 (36%) being Indigenous, 37 (61%) Caucasian, one (1.6%) middle eastern and one (1.6%) of mixed ethnicity. Of the Indigenous fatalities, 12 occurred on a reserve or Indigenous community (55%). Of the 61 fatalities, 46 were determined to be justified in using lethal force, 13 are still under investigation and two incidents were forwarded to the Crown for charge assessment. A list of the fatalities and the circumstances is listed in Annex A.” RCMP Briefing Note to the Minister of Public Safety dated December 7, 2017 – Public Safety ATIP Response File: A-2018-00372


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