Complaint filed with Ontario Information Commissioner dated October 4, 2019 by Dennis R. Young

EXCERPT: “All I am requesting is the updated ‘crime gun’ statistics for the year 2018. If Mr. McGee has a case make that there is no public health and safety reasons that would justify releasing these statistics and his refusal to waive these fees, then he should provide me and you with his rationale. The federal government doesn’t collect these data on crime guns I requested so the public has no where else to turn except to local police services for the information. The federal government no longer charges search and processing fees but that hardly matters if they don’t collect the statistics the public needs regarding the sources of crime guns to make better decisions about how best to combat the criminal use of firearms and protect both public and police safety. Given the problems expressed most recently by your Chief of Police, the Mayor and the Prime Minister regarding the criminal use of guns in Toronto, I believe the release of this information would be considered a most beneficial public service.”


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