FOIP Request filed May 20, 2019 – Toronto Police Service Letter dated Sept. 04, 2019 – Received Sept. 13, 2019 by Dennis R. Young

EXCERPT: “If we do not hear from you by September 24, 2019, I will assume you are no longer interested in pursuing this request and close the file.” Mr. P. McGee, Coordinator, Access & Privacy Section, Toronto Police Service.


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4 years ago

Just like the Trust fund Bratts rcmp bellhops. It only took our SO CALLED PROTECTORS 560 days to answer my FOI request then the bellhops redacted most of the requested info. IN CANADA CRIME DOES PAY or you just buy the media off

Charles Schafer
Charles Schafer
4 years ago

Hi Dennis, I guess that’s one way of keeping useful data a secret – pathetic.

Donald Iain Campbell
Donald Iain Campbell
4 years ago
Reply to  Dennis R Young

Its really quite simple Dennis. Crime reduction and reducing the criminal use of guns is not a politically correct narrative because in order to tackle what is essentially a localized problem of “areas” in primarily urban centres, one would have to marry demographics to those statistics. now that would be “profiling”, so its much simpler to demonize citizens who are in favour of legal gun ownership as a whole. Since progressives feel threatened by direct language, and the resistance of law abiding citizens who campaign openly for the exercise of their legal rights, it is much easier to generalize and… Read more »

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