EXCERPT: In response to questions from the Globe, Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario Dwight Peer explained that police reporting policies around firearms-licence holders vary from force to force. But if a licence holder is reported to have sexually assaulted someone, he said that should, when coded correctly, trigger a notification to the CFO. The CFO can also receive calls from family, friends, neighbours or physicians who have concerns about a firearms-licence holder, he said. These concerns are then followed-up on a case-by-case basis. He declined to comment on whether they were notified in this caseā€”or whether any review is being done.

RCMP ATIP REQUEST: Mark Jones CFRO and FIP Hits – Updated August 1, 2019

ONTARIO SOLICITOR GENERAL FOIP REQUEST: Mark Jones Police Reports & FIP Hits – Updated August 7, 2019


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