RCMP response to Access to Information request dated Jan 7, 2019 – Received Jan 11, 2019 by Dennis R. Young

ATTACHED RCMP TABLE: Registered Restricted & Prohibited Firearms Reported Stolen in Canada 2001 to 2017

EXCERPT: “The Canadian Firearms Program does not collect information associated to stolen firearms such as: (1) Individual firearm owners, (2) Firearm collectors, (3) Shooting ranges and gun clubs, (4) Firearm retailers, (5) Firearm wholesalers or distributors, (6) Firearm manufacturers, (7) Museums, (8) Federal Government Departments and Agencies, (9) Provincial Government Departments and Agencies, (10) Armoured Car Companies, (11) Police stations, (12) Military bases or armouries, (13) Movie Sets and Prop suppliers, (14) Other.”


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4 years ago

Do you happen to know if the chart they provide in this ATIP is cumulative or new reported stolen guns annually? The numbers seem far too high to be annual but it doesn’t seem to specify.

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