“An extension of 545 days beyond the statutory time limit is required to process this request. . .” Excerpt from Public Safety Canada Acknowledgment Letter dated Dec 18, 2018 Received Dec 27, 2017 by Dennis R. Young

Requested studies and proposals for gun control measures considered by the government including the following:  Banning handguns, Banning semi-automatic firearms, Banning all firearms, and Central Storage/Repositories for firearms in urban centres.


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Robert Sciuk
Robert Sciuk
5 years ago

Again, where evidence is required, obfuscation, stalling and interference is the norm. This latest failure of the Liberals on the firearm file is consistent with their historical bungling, and using the responsible firearm community as a wedge issue in election campaigns. SHAME

Ken Quick
Ken Quick
5 years ago

IOW, it will be law and/or forgotten history by the time they answer your request.

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