RCMP SPENT $136 MILLION TO COMBAT THE CRIMINAL USE OF FIREARMS BUT HAVE NO RECORDS OF THE NUMBER OF FIREARMS PROSECUTIONS – Investments to Combat the Criminal Use of Firearms (ICCUF) – Total cumulative federal actual spending on ICCUF from inception to March 31, 2016: $136,169,188 – Treasury Board Secretariat Performance Indicators: #5 Number of Firearm Prosecutions #6 Number of Firearm Prosecutions Successful Cases.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: ICCUF funding is distributed within the RCMP to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), Forensic Science and Identification Services, and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC), all located within the Specialized Policing Services business line, as well as the National Intelligence Coordination Centre (NICC) within the Federal Policing business line. CBSA and PS also receive funds from ICCUF. 

RCMP RESPONSE: “Unfortunately, we were unable to locate records which respond to your request as CFP [Canadian Firearms Program] do not collect date on firearms prosecutions.


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