RCMP MONITORS LICENSED GUN OWNERS INSTEAD – What do you call the group the RCMP considers a bigger threat to public safety than convicted sex offenders, pedophiles and violent criminals?  Canada’s 2.1 million licensed firearm owners. While the RCMP investigates every single licenced, law-abiding gun owner in Canada daily as part of their Continuous Licence Eligibility Screening Program, our national police force can’t tell us anything about how often, or even if, they check up on convicted rapists, pedophiles or violent criminals. It’s not that the RCMP doesn’t possess the information. They do. TEAM CSSA E-NEWS | MARCH 10, 2018

LIBERAL’S GUN CONTROL REGIME STILL MISSING THE REAL TARGET! Laws control law-abiding gun owners but those too dangerous to own firearms, not so much. By Dennis R. Young – March 6, 2017 https://dennisryoung.ca/2017/03/10/liberals-gun-control-regime-still-missing-the-real-target/

“GET OUR PALs OFF OF CPIC” http://justiceforgunowners.ca/why-are-law-abiding-firearms-owners-on-cpic/


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