As of October 16, 2015 the total number of firearms listed in the Firearms Reference Table is 162,972.
As of the October 16, 2015, the total number of firearms identified as variants…is 4,030.

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Bill Elder
Bill Elder
8 years ago

If you want an honest answer as to what constitutes a “variant” it is anything police politicians have targeted for incremental confiscation by reclassification. A more pointed question is what practical process determines reclassification or arbitrary classification of new firearms designs. The honest (and demonstrable) answer is whatever police politicians indoctrinated in authoritarian political correctness deem “scary” and which they can produce hysteria against with a media campaign aimed at an ignorant public/parliment.

These are the demonstrated workings of classification – they may vary with the official narrative.

charles stewart
charles stewart
8 years ago

i had a firearm reclassifed as commercial version, the guy i bought it from was a restricted carbine
but my registration the barrel length grew by 5 mm as well
i’m confused how the powers that be reclassified it and increased barrel length without looking at it
i’ve owned it 10 yrs now and the firearm was made in 1974
i think it has been in the cdn registry since then
only 30 or 40 in canada from what i can find out
scared ? you bet !
charles stewart

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