Today, June 30th, is the anniversary of Dennis R. Young’s birth.

While it may not seem like a big deal to most, had Dennis not been born, had he not grown up and had he not developed the tenacity and insatiable desire for The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but The Truth, the Long Gun Registry would still be with us today.

It was Dennis’ unending commitment to digging out the facts about every aspect of that failed program that allowed MP Garry Breitkreuz and others to finally bring down a monstrously expensive, a hideously expensive federal program that cannot be cited for saving a single life.

So, if you’re a gun owner today, please take a moment to say a word of thanks to Dennis R. Young for his work over so many decades that helped our community restore a little common sense and freedom to our lives.

Dennis entrusted his life’s work to me, both to maintain his legacy and to build upon it.

If you’re grateful to Dennis for his tireless work on our behalf, please consider a small monthly donation to keep his memory and his legacy alive.

I’ll be here, working behind the scenes as tireless as Dennis did, to ensure everything he fought so hard for is not lost to the sands of time.

Yours in Liberty,

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Christopher di Armani


P.S. ATIPs aren’t free. If you are willing and able to help support these ongoing efforts, I am most grateful for your assistance.

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