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PROOF THE RCMP LIED: Portapique 911 calls reveal what RCMP knew from the start


June 19, 2021

by Paul Palango, author of three books investigating corruption inside the RCMP

In a 25-minute span on April 18, 2020, near the beginning of Gabriel Wortman’s murderous rampage in which he killed 22 people, three people called 911 for help. One was a desperate Jamie Blair, who had less than two minutes left in her life. Another was her 12-year-old son, who calmly and heroically, tried to tell the operator what was happening. The third was from Andrew MacDonald who, along with his wife, Katie, was ambushed by Wortman.

All three said the shooter lived in the neighbourhood. One called the shooter “Gabe”. Another said he was a denturist.

All three told the 911 operators that the shooter was driving a police car.

The RCMP has said from the outset that it didn’t know that Wortman was driving a marked cruiser until told so by his common-law wife Lisa Banfield, who purportedly had emerged from a night of hiding in the nearby woods.

The time-stamped tapes are heart-wrenching and disturbing to hear but each one contains valuable information about what the RCMP knew at the time and strongly suggests that the force has been attempting to cover up that fact for reasons that are currently unknown.

Frank has decided to both report on the tapes and publish them online because it deems that the content contained in them to be in the public interest.


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