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Dec 15 12:00 AM - Jan 31 11:59 PM

Dear Readers and Supporters;

First, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s been a rough year for everyone, on all kinds of fronts for everyone, me included.

As many of you already know, I’ve been battling a recurrence of cancer for some time.

I noted in my last health update that chemotherapy was discontinued in May and eight radiation treatments provided only temporary relief. While I remain steadfast and resolute that the cancer won’t get the best of me, it has progressed to the point the blood clots in my legs have now spread to my heart and lungs.

Thank you to everyone who sent their prayers and well-wishes.  With your prayers anything is possible and I will never give up hope.

These developments mean I am no longer able to maintain my website. In fact, I’ve been unable to maintain it for a few months now and the prospects of returning to my previous level of good health don’t look very promising.

Commitment to Rights, Freedoms & Facts

That said, over my career I’ve dedicated myself to using Access to Information Requests to uncover the many inconvenient facts our government loves to hide from us.

It’s been my pleasure and my honour to serve the firearms community in this capacity but, as the end draws near for me personally, I needed to find someone capable, willing and able to carry the torch for me.

Thankfully, the individual I wanted most to take over for me, Christopher di Armani, answered the call without hesitation.

For those not familiar with him, Christopher is first and foremost a liberty-loving Canadian and a staunch defender of free speech and firearms ownership. (Twitter: @ThatLibertyGuy | Facebook: ThatLibertyGuyCA | Web: ThatLibertyGuy.com)

Effective immediately, Christopher di Armani will assume full control of DennisRYoung.ca and shoulder the responsible for maintaining my website in perpetuity.

This includes

  • following up on all my outstanding ATIP and FOIP requests
  • following up on all my complaints to the Information Commissioners
  • updating the website with new ATIP responses as those responses come in, and
  • paying all costs associated with ensuring my legacy remains online.

As I said, it has been my profound pleasure and honour to serve Canada’s firearms community. Likewise, I have been humbled by your support of my efforts all these years, efforts I took on all our collective behalf.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that you will support Christopher as he takes over the reins of my life’s work in the same ways you supported me since I first started this website.

DennisRYoung.ca has always relied on supporters to pay the bills. That doesn’t change as I transition my website to Christopher’s capable hands.

I encourage you to continue supporting my research through the DONATE button at the top of the page. The only change is those donations will be directed to Christopher’s PayPal account instead of mine to continue paying for web hosting, annual fees for the domain name and the software required to keep the website running.

The vast resources of my more than 250 ATIPs and FOIPs uncovered a lot of data and other gems that future researchers will need to battle the next wave of gun bans and firearm confiscations.

Christopher di Armani will ensure all of these resources remain online for those researchers.



Dennis R. Young
Firearms Researcher



P.S. If you are not one already, I highly encourage you to subscribe to Christopher’s  daily political and current events commentaries today.

Twitter: @ThatLibertyGuy
Facebook: ThatLibertyGuyCA
Web: ThatLibertyGuy.com